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My name is Jay and I am an avid student of all things metaphysical. I am from the South Bronx but I am currently living in and loving BROOKLYN!! Aside from that, I am a middle school teacher, t-shirt designer, tarot reader, and a pendulum practitioner. I created this space to provide tools to help you manifest your best life! We tend to forget that we are the SOURCE of our happiness and/or demise.  It is up to you to chose and chart your course.  We are all co-creators of the Highest, God( or whatever you chose to call your higher power), and have the power to shape our realities through metaphysics and the Law of Attraction. These modalities have helped me tremendously throughout the years and my mission is to share and provide spiritual tools to help you on your journey. Happy Manifesting!

About Us


Are you looking for guidance, in need of a trusted healer, or simply wanting to confirm you're on the right track? Book a reading today!

We offer the following variations:

  • Tarot

  • Group Meditation

  • Vision Board Workshops


We want to support your spiritual journey on the go and at home. Let us provide you with tools for manifestation! We offer:

  • Candles

  • Smudge Sticks

  • Manifesting Fragrances

  • Affirmative T-Shirts


Allow 3-5 businesss days from the date of purchase to ship out. You will receive a tracking number with your package's information.  All sales are final.



Love and light, we'll chat soon!


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