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Wear your favorite oil in a beautiful and durable stainless steel locket.

Pendulum Lockets are stainless steel and come packaged in a gift box with an adjustable 20″ stainless-steel chain, three black felt pads, an instruction card, and a wooden skewer to help with removing and inserting the felt pads. All designs of the Pendulum Locket are 1.5″ in length and approximately .25″ in diameter.


To use the Pendulum Locket, simply open the locket, unscrew the top of the reservoir, fill and close the reservoir, place one pad on top of the reservoir, close the locket and tip to saturate the oil pad. Another option is to leave the reservoir empty and saturate one or more of the pads before placing them in the top of the locket. Set aside unused pads as refills.

Aromatherapy Locket

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