A Whole Vibe Sampler pack contains 9 4 inch smudges! Each sampler  contains:


1 White Sage with Sweet Grass-  Sweet Grass is used to bring in angelic energies

1 Blue Sage- Brings in money, healing, and abundance.

1 Rosemary Smudge- Brings clarity and motivation

1 Juniper Smudge- Resets the energy and helps relieve stress

1 Yerba Santa Smudge- Aids in self love and growth

1 Dragon's blood Sage Smudge-  For powerful cleansing, protection, and manifesting.

1 Lavender  Sage Smudge- For cleansing and relaxing 

1 Rose Sage Smudge- Cleanses and lifts the vibes with high vibrational rose petals.

1 Eucalpytus Sage Smudge-  Cleanses the vibes, helps with respiratory system

1 Palo Santo Stick- Brings in the good vibes.


All sticks annoninted with my lucky oil for  an energetic boost!




All the Vibes Sampler


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